May 25, 2009

Sesame Street Birthday Cake

22nd May 2009. I am on leave today ... study leave.
Yup .. STUDY Leave .. an unrecorded leave taken to complete my thesis which is due next week. Spent all day writing, research, write again .. and only managed to add 400 words. OMG ... this is bad.

Clock is ticking.. Ad Din & Fiqah's birthday party tomorrow and I have not start anything!! Ok .. cool down Niza. Like Mr VK used to say .. "Apa-apapun maruah mesti mau jaga". Aduss .. so 8.00pm sharp I start
baking the cakes. One big orange cake and
another 30 chocolate cupcakes.

Cakes in the oven .. and now its time to mould
my Big Bird.
Hubby came and peep .. "Dear , why is your chicken so togel?"
Yaiks! Ooo how la now .. shall I make the feathers? Ha! Mak's jam tarts!!
Hmm just cut them with scissors he he he jadi pun... :)

Now the grass .. Alamak satu PJ cari tak jumpa nozzle ni. Yang ada big grass tip. Big nozzle = huge grass .. But on the Cookie Monster and Big Bird -- they look just fine :)


  1. Niza, you are so pro already!! all your cakes look great!!

  2. MHB

    Tehehe thank you .. 'blush' :)