May 29, 2009

Flower Cake for My CheGu

28th May 2009. Sabrie & Syukrie came home from their Kafa, religious school and peeped at the kitchen, half shouting 'Mama'! Hhmm ... what is it now? I was at my last sentence on my email to Prof Koshy, my dissertation supervisor.

'Mama? Where's our cupcakes?' The teacher's day is tomorrow Mama!' ... Aah? My mind was still at the last sentence..

"The cakes remember? You suppose to make cupcakes for the potluck party.." ... This time, they got my attention. What cake? "Mama ... I told Ustazah we will be bring cupcakes for all us" .

All of us? .. and how many of US? "... 100 je la Mama "

100!!!! Eh mana sempat sayang.. Mama ada conference call lagi pagi esok, kerja sekolah Mama ni banyak lagi nak tulis... (face like Puss in the Boot..) .. Okay takpe , I call Ustazah okay ..

"Assalamualaikum Ustazah .. ni Mama Sabrie dan Syukrie. Sabrie kata dia dah cakap nak bawak cupcake untuk semua tapi maaf Ustazah tak sempat buat untuk semua .. 50 aje boleh? Waalaikumussalam .. laa tak apa Puan, apa yang boleh saja.... Alhamdullillah terima kasih..."

Okay boys .. 50 cupcakes only okay -- I've spoken to Ustazah. " Thanks Mama .. you're making the Cookie Monster right?"

Hmm cookie monster for kids ... flowers would be better for your Ustazah kan?

"Hmm ya... you're right. Flower Cupcakes would be good .. (smiling) ...We love you Mama"

Big hug, . .. I love you too boys ... (while my fingers sms'ing Mak's hp no .. SOS!!)

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  1. Niza... yes, I know....... even like birthdays and etc and you know things that we have to prepare for the events... I normally buy..... But they are always so comel when they say "Mummy, I love you" and you will melt....