Jun 10, 2009


5th June 2009. Today is the deadline for my MBA dissertation submission. And at 12 pm I was still typing my Chapter 5! Gosh .. unbelievable, the magic of stress, words comes smoothly as if I have memorized the whole chapter.

Sharp 1.30pm Adeline from WIM-UEL called, she said I was the only one who has not submitted. OMG!!! This is definitely not helping ... my heart was beating fast as if I was chased by a dinasour!

Okay, I took a deep breath ... "Subhanallah 10x " ranting softly.. Now the final touch, this year, UEL added a new requirement -- all thesis / dissertation need to be attached with a Reflective Summary, some sort of diary or challenges I faced in completing this research.

Woookay ... now typying, thinking, as fast as I could (hmm need to add some 'fiction' here)... and on the dot at 3.30pm, I have completed everything. Altogether 12,000 words ...Alhamdullillah .... Ran to print and bind.. And finally reach WIM-UEL at 4.30pm --just half an hour before they close. Huh .. this is really, really last minute work!!

And yes!!!! Habis dahhhh ....Merdeka!!! This requires some celebration!


  1. COngratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

    Phew! Now sit back and relax and bake.

  2. Hahaha yes ... can relax a bit now. Thanks Wiz!
    O ya got your LV invite, hope we'll win yaa hehe