Jun 28, 2009

ANA Muslim

27 June 2009.

ANA Muslim who are you?
She looked like an Anime cartoon with wide eyes and cute smile. Wearing a pink scarf and long glove. A popular personality for the young teens, published in a local magazines ..The pink tulip kebayas were made to compliment ANA .. "takpe kebaya ni tak ikut shape" as Angah said :)

This is a combination of the lessons I took from K Ina of Mycuppycupcake and Kak Naz from My pretty yummie cuppies. K Ina, your kebaya inspire me .. but of course can't do as beautiful as yours.. :) K Naz .. your bag lesson also taught me how to sew!

Thanks teachers and thanks Angah, for your order! Now I can proudy say my cakes have gone to Johor!

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