Jul 3, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

3 July 2009. Alin from legal email me via Facebook to order my strawberry cupcakes.

One thing good about Fb is that it links people. From their posting -- somehow or rather we would be able to understand a person. What does she like ... and what her personality is like.. that is if you are observant enough and care to understand.

So anyway back to her email on her orders - it did not took us long to conclude as when I mention Strawberry Shortcake-- it was then a straight away YES. Hehehe how did I guess??

Thanks to Fb ...'wink'


  1. this is too cute!! can I learn figurine from you? :-)

    Niza, the fees for Wiz' class tu nanti we pay her directly during the class... she is so trusting and baik hati, refuse deposit ke hape ke...

  2. Bole saja .. I pun nak belajar how to pipe a nice swirl like how you did. Nanti kita exchange hehehe

    About the Wiz class ... i am soo looking forward, that's y excited nak bayar sekarang. Anyway, if that is her wish -- takpe la nanti bayar direct.

    See you soon!