Jul 3, 2009

Emirates Pilot

2 July 2009.

Mom welcomes Sakeena home .. greeted by a pilot with a bouquet of flowers. I sent to her in the morning as Sakeena will be arriving to KLIA at about 2pm. This was planned to be a surprise for her.. no knowing there's another to come.

That day Keena's sister(Neesa) 's friend was diagnosed of having H1N1! Poor girl, Neesa was with the her friend visited another of their good friend who came back from Australia not knowing that that girl had been affected by H1N1.

So her mother took Neesa to a selected hospital and was told to be calm as she has no symptoms. Unfortunately that night ... the same day Keena arrived, Neesa had fallen ill.

They took her to the same hospital again, took some test and returned home. The result will only be ready in the next 24hours --- they were told. So on the 4th midnight, the hospital called saying it is positive and an ambulance will come to fetch her.

Thanks to Allah .. the ordeal only lasted for three days and by Tuesday 7th she was discharged. her family too is as healthy as before. What an experience!

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