Jun 10, 2009

A Tiramisu to Celebrate

7th June 2009. Today I invited Mak, Abah, my brother and his family to have lunch with us. Mak made my favourite Crab in Coconut Milk, we stimmed some fish, made some vege... Simple lunch. Then the dessert ... my 1st attempt making a Tiramisu.

Tried to add the caramel and fried peanuts as decoration but the caramel harden so fast that it became something like 'kacang bipang!!' instead. Aduss it was so hard that I can't decorate it well. Hmm probably by adding some choc cream can help to 'cover' the unsightly deco.. hmmm didn't work that well either. Must, must try this again.

Hmm bila boleh makan kek ni?? My brother said .. Alamak kesian la pulak . Okay okay let snap a picture before we 'demolish' this fugly cake..

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