Aug 20, 2009

Ana Muslim -- where are you?

20 August 2009. I read an article that says -- one way to avoid stress is not have high expectations on oneself. Well, I am not sure if this is the right thing to do. If we have low satisfaction level, the quality of our work will not be as good. .. what do you think?

Anyway the reason why this comes to my thought as I had moulded this Ana Muslim figurine three times for two days in a row -- just because I felt the earlier Ana Muslim 1 is prettier. But how much I tried -- the face just won't become the same.. Arggghhh it stressed me up until I slept at four this morning.

My friend tried to console me saying that Art work can never the same twice -- Ya .. only if its better or prettier!!

So early this morning I presented the cuppies to my dear client. I was expecting a negative comment, like her face is too round but there she was -- very happy and pleased of the designs! Hahaha .. seems that I was the one who puts myself on a higher benchmark!

Who is this Ana Muslim? Earlier I had written a brief description of her - and today, I'd like add few more details. She is an orphan with two younger brother. They stayed in an orphanage. But she is very positive girl, kind-hearted and well liked by others.

That is why, I think most of the young teens are crazy about her :)

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