Aug 18, 2009

Little Blossom

18 August 2009.

Sometimes when I want to write I paused and think if its okay to be published
Sometimes I decided .. Yaa its okay, this is my blog, my story
Sometimes I decided .. No, this is just to be kept within myself, my family, my closest friends
As sometimes it might just upset certain people, or misunderstood by others
And yet it will lingers in my mind, thinking about it again and again ..

Probably I need to create another blog

1 comment:

  1. just write it, ooohhhh..your english is very good. I envy those who can write and speak english with for me, I can only write simple ones..I'm still learning..
    Akak pun took class from k ina mycuppycupcake? can u show me the cake/cuppies u decorated from her class?