Sep 9, 2009

London Bridge is calling me ..

There's no cake pictures to be displayed today but I need to write my thoughts down or else I can't sleep!

My MBA mates called me today, persuading me to join them (earlier they said they are not going!) to go for our graduation in London. Gosh!! I really wish I could follow them but the graduation date is on 26th November 09, end of autumn and beginning of winter! And I can't stand being cold!

But I really wanna go as I've never been to London and this is a good reason for me to go. Marina offered me to stay with her aunt while we are there ... so at least I don't have to think about accommodation.

But I still need to spend on flights, my graduation fee, food and of course, winter clothes.. It's going to cost me a bomb, and on top of it I have already committed to the boys that I'll take for a holiday to Penang in December. I have bought the ticket but need to book the rooms which going to cost me at least RM 1500 excluding food and other miscellaneous expenses.

Gosh.. this is difficult. If I want to go, I need to make maximum effort to increase my cake sales. But would it be enough time?

Sometimes I wish I could just be 'woman' and let everything being taken care off. No bills to think about, no fees --- nothing and probably just the 'additional' expenses ... Then probably I would have signed in for this trip without having to think twice!

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