Sep 6, 2009

Syasya's Make Up Set

6 September 2009. Today is already Sunday. Hmm this weekend has been very tiring. I brought back some work home, thinking I could slot in some time completing it. What was I thinking then? Having 3 orders back to back? Hahaha ... yup I am the person who thinks she came from Krypton. (I still think I could complete it ~probably after Sahur hmm)

Anyway, I'm glad that I decided to accept this order. It's for my ex colleague who happens to be my team mate's girl, for her sister (confusing? heheh did it on purpose!) . At least I got to revised the skills learn from Kak Nadzah's handbag & makeup class, and Angeline's pastilage (how to spell this.. isy spelling fail!) class.

Oh Girls Just Wanna Have Fun :)

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