Dec 25, 2009

Past & Present

What she saw at the reception took her down to her memory lane 12 years ago. His face looked familiar until he grinned. "Oh.My.God!" She remembered him instantly and returned that grin with a faint smile forced between her lips.

'Hi Myara' A nicknamed she has not heard for such a long time. He extended his hand, still smiling.

'Hi Raz' she said, while she took his hands weakly into hers. 'What are you doing here?'

'Oh just some business with Mr X. So, how are you now?' He looked at her studying every inch of her body from top to bottom.

That look made her unconfortable. She felt as if she was going through an x-ray machine and being undressed piece by piece.

'Good. Married with 4 kids' Pretended that she was not affected by that deep, inquistive gaze. 'You?'

'Yeah. Me too. I mean married, but no kids yet. 4 kids? Wow! Never thought you would settled down.. finally. Anyway, this is my card'

He passed her a white business card printed on a not-so-good-quality paper, while she exchanged it with hers.

'Keep in touch!' He passed a quick remark before walking towards Mr. X. His meeting would be starting soon, she guessed.

It was not so long after that before she received a text messaging from an unfamiliar mobile number.

'Hi Myara. Glad I finally found you! Would you accompany me for a cup coffee later after work for old time sake?' Raz.

Myara's heartbeat stopped for a second. It took her quite some time before she managed to type the words:

'Hi. Yes. A surprise indeed, but no thank you. What happened in the past belongs then. I do not wish to bring it back. Let it be, Raz.The past is the past. I have a peacefull life at present and do not wish to create unnecessary chaos'

Suddenly the pain that she had buried back to her mind came flashing in... but this time, she felt ultimate satisfaction as she press ' send' ... revenge is sweet, at times, and she smiled.


  1. wooo sooo intense!!! wonder if... hmmn nevermind.... wanna go for coffe with me instead??? :P

  2. Haha VERY funny Adi. I'd have to ask Myara ..:)