Dec 20, 2009

Life is a Fairy Tale

Life is not a fairy-tale, some does say.

But to some, fairy tale does happen. A girl meets a boy, who captured her heart in his special ways.

Who creates an orchestra of joyful songs in her mind everytime she sees a glimpse of him, who without fail giving her goosebumps just by being there.

And the same goes to the boy, who in return makes all the effort to show that he is worthy of her love.

And with that -- they finaly found their soul-mate, for life, until death do them part ... (for some ..)

But to the rest of the human kind, it took nearly a life-time to find their fairy-tale, and in that search, loneliness occupied their heart. And in the desparation to fill in the emptiness, one began to compromise, without them realizing, that they were lying to themselves.

Many had fallen into this trap, but there are still survivors, persistant in finding the ONE.

To my friends E & L, don't put up the white flag yet. They are out there somewhere ...

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