Dec 23, 2009

Chapter One - The Beginning

It was a quiet Monday morning.

No one was at the office yet. Mia had just switched on the air-conditioning. The smell of the stale carpet fills in the air. It would take some time before the air-conditioner pumped in some fresh air and cools down this 20 year-old building.

Suddenly out of the silence, sounds of footsteps rumbling from the front door towards her cubicle. A 5’4” slim tall lady wearing a grey collared shirt and a pair of black pants rushing with an emergency- red- alert face searching for her good friend.

“Mia!” She stopped. She was panting, trying to catch her breath.

“Hey, cool down my friend. What happen?”

“Have you met him?”

“Who? ”

“The new Head of Sales. Oh. My. God! He has this look that could make you fall on your knees okay!”

“Every guy in this company would be able to do THAT to you Anna.” I smiled at her, a single 34 year old System Engineer.

She pulled down her shirt with a defensive look and about to justify her statement.“Huh! You shall wait till you see him! You know he is ..”

Suddenly she stopped.

An elderly bald man stepped in.“Err .. Morning Mr. Zachary ” Anna said sheepishly and quickly pacing her way out.

“Morning girls, Mia, have you greeted our Head of Sales, Henry Burton? He is waiting for his contract.”

“O yaa, ya, yes... err I am about to see him.”

“Hmm….” There was a sound of unpleasantness in his voice. He walked into his room and quietly unpacked his document bag.

"Oh dear. Another management level staff has joined in, hopefully not another big headed guy".

Curiosity was mounting up. “Is this Henry as dropped-dead-gorgeous as Anna claimed to be?”Anxiously, she paced her steps towards his room, with his contract in her hand. With the blinds wide opened, the morning sun glares into the room, giving it a sense of life. Yes, after so long this room was finally occupied.

A well-built, broad shoulder man, smartly dressed in a white shirt and blue silk tie, was sitting at his desk wearing a pair of glasses reading a document. The sunlight glare did seemed to distract him, he looked intensed. That must be him!

“Morning, Mr. Burton” she said.

He looked up at her. “Yes?” His front dark hair sweeps slightly across his face.

At that very moment, her heart beat stopped, and blood rushed up to her head. She was numb and for awhile she felt as if she was charmed by a magical spell. Behind those glasses was a pair of charming, glittering eyes.

“God! Anna was right! He was so absolutely breathtakingly stunning!”

And Mia found her soul floating on the thin air as the story of her fairy tale began.

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