May 21, 2009

Ad Din & Lin's Birthday

17th May 2009. My sister-in-law's birthday, Lin is a day earlier than my youngest son, Ad Din, who turned 1 last 15th May 2009. Mak suggested that we make some simple makan-makan to celebrate these two birthday gal & boy.

So Sunday night was the makan-makan, planned as such that Lin would be back from work. A very simple dinner. Chicken Rice with Pie Tee and for the dessert; my chocolate cupcakes; and of course the ready made birthday cakes - with added decorations and writings.

The top from Zura's class and bottom from Ina's class --- he he he killing two birds with one stone. You can see the glasses in between -- they are the subsitute pillars :)

"Have a good year ahead, may Allah bless and protect both of you ... WE LOVE YOU TWO"

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