May 17, 2009

Barney & Friends Came to Flora

16th May 2009. Today is supposedly to be my son's birthday party but was postponed to Sunday instead to combine with my sister-in-law's birthday. So quickly I called Cake Connection if there is any extra seat for the figurines class. And yes! There is one left.

So off I go bringing my 'toolkit' anxiously wanting to learn how to make Cookie Monster. The instructor is young lady by the name of Ina. Very sweet lady who looks like my friend Kampong Yan Corp - Yati. She showed us her work .. and wow! We were so impressed!

Started with Barney .. err only two pass with excellent points, the rest of us ... ha ha as you can see mine , the nose is not actually right. Then we did Baby Bob, BJ and the rest ... O dear no wonder these things are so expensive, cost at about RM 35 for one big figurine, its so detail and took such a long time to complete one.

Through out the class we can hear the sounds of 'ooooppp' .. 'o no!' ...'sigh.... susahnya' but Ina was so patiently guiding us one by one. She keep saying it's not difficult ... hmmm well for big fingers like mine ... it's not as easy as said.

Anyway I am glad that I went for this class ... Now I have 6 decorated cupcakes for Ad'Din's birthday tomorrow he he he


  1. these are so cute... barney looks handsome je... where got hidung senget hehe

  2. Thanks MHB ... Hmm btw, can't we have our workshop with Wiz a bit earlier .. lama la lagi nak tunggu 18 Julai ...Tak sabar plak