May 21, 2009

Winnie The Pooh

20th May 2009. Siti has been telling me that she is longing to have a piece of her orange cake, but her health conditions forbids. Her recipe is proven good so I volunteer baking it for her --- in return of the famous recipe.

Baked the cake on 150C ; used a bake even strip but still the mid part cooked very slow. Its 30 min and it still wet! So I lower down the temparature and extend for another 10 minutes.

Hmm luckily it did not burn and all parts were cooked nicely. I made extra in half full 3 cups -- and tasted them. Not bad ...

Well since I have a cake so why not decorate it ---So, what would be nicer on an orange cake than the sweet Winnie The Pooh :)

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